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Twenty-Something & Thriving: A Blog Series pt.6

Twenty-Something & Thriving: A Blog Series pt.6


TST-3((The sixth and final post in a new series called Twenty-Something & Thriving, featuring girls who are chasing dreams, living out passions, and taking on the world. These are the ones who get it)). This girl!! I'll let her powerful and passionate words speak for themselves. But I wish you all could meet her face to face. She would love you before you even finished introducing yourself. Because that's just who she is. She LOVES. Deeply, and loyally, and so so well. And she's living her dreams out as an actress in London you guys! Like who does that?! She's amazing. So I'll just let you be inspired by her story already...



Name: Sarah Seaman Age: 27 City: Cocoa Beach, FL Occupation: Starving Artist ; ) Hahahaha! Theatre Performer Hobby: Singing and Playing the Piano (my hobbies go hand in hand with my career too... Which is awesome and a COMPLETE blessing from Jesus!), Family, Organizing and Making Lists :), Getting to know and LOVE on People!

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do! A mini bio: I am a 26 year old female who LOVES Jesus, LOVES being with her family and friends, looks for any chance to meet new people - sparking different and lasting friendships, gets pumped about embracing life to the fullest at whatever comes her way, enjoys taking in and really LIVING every moment, and LOVES her some Starbucks... I have recently had an ignited passion to travel and learn/experience new things... WHILST pursuing a career in theatre! Using my passion and the utter joy that comes from performing as well as making and investing in relationships of various cultures along the way, makes life a journey that I can't wait to wake up and live, every day. The most important of my desires is to live a life pleasing to the Lord and to be someone worth emulating in WHATEVER it is I do... To glorify Him and further impact His kingdom! While I am still human and often fall short of the mark, I am grateful for His mercies that are new EVERY morning!

How did you decide to pursue acting as a career? When I first went to college, I had NO idea what I wanted to do. I had started doing theatre at our local theatre house when I was 7, but wasn't sure I wanted to do it as a career, until I had already been in university for about a year. I think there were a couple of things that fueled my decision to make it my career choice. For one, I LOVE IT. It drives me... It gets me STOKED to go into "work" (which honestly doesn't feel like work much at ALL!). I am DAILY blessed and amazed that I get to "work" in something I love to do!! Rehearsals are SO thrilling to me... I get antsy the nights before... Unable to sleep, cause I'm so excited for the coming day! And THEN... The opening nights and performances!! There aren't words for the surge of emotions and utter fulfillment that the thought of doing something I love and am passionate about brings not ONLY as a hobby but as a career!!! And getting paid for it?! Yes please!! Haha! I've always lived under the mantra "I'd rather be poor and LOVE what I'm doing, than filthy rich and miserable." When I got to college and met/started learning under the tutelage of the professors at Liberty, it became more and more of a possibility of being something that I could indeed, make a living doing. Another thing that became a big reason was because of the darkness that penetrates the "theatre bus (business)"... You know me and my abbrevs!! AHAHA! And not to say that there isn't darkness in other businesses of life, but this particular one was hugely placed on my heart as it became increasingly clear that the talents God had given me were leading me towards a life in the theatre district. As college was the place that I think I'd say was where my faith became grounded and solid and my OWN, it was there that I began to put into motion the groundwork for what I wanted my life to look like... Via, of course the Lords direction! And my biggest pray as I live each day, is two things... That whatever I do, I would be glorifying the Lord while doing it and impacting/adding to His kingdom. That said, I felt/still feel very responsible to the world of the performing arts. I feel that the Lord has equipped each of us with specific and exciting talents through which to spread His name... They all look different and it's not always "Christian" work, but it's the relationships and investments that make this life what it's all about! To use the talents the Lord has blessed me with... And to get to sing and act and dance as if I were doing it for an Audience of 1... Wherever that may lead me... To do those 2 things. What was the transition like for you moving to a whole new country and a whole new job? Ahhhh transitions... This was my 4th move or "location change" after graduating college. You'd think that moving to a new country knowing solely ONE person would be quite frightening, but I think because I had done it a few times before it somewhat "softened the blow." Haha! When I moved to my first job out of college in NY, I was scared out of my mind... New people... New town... New EVERYTHING for the first time in 6 years (I did 2 degrees at Liberty... I promise I didn't just hang out at college! LOL!)! But... My anxiety quickly dissipated! The people I met, the job I got to do, and the lasting relationships that were made... Made it all worth it! So going to London was just another adventure that I was BEYOND ready and excited to embrace! I had dreamed about living and working in London for SEVERAL years, and I was always on the edge of my seat wondering how or why God had made that such a prevalent desire in my heart, but I repeatedly told Him that I would wait for His leading and would go when He made a way for that to happen. And now, age 26... He paved the path and I have been EXTREMELY blessed through it all! Stateside or across the pond... He's still the same God, and my journey overseas is a continuation of His awesomeness being displayed unceasingly! It truly amazes me that I have had this opportunity! 

Tell us about London so far! London is and was the MOST wonderful experience of my life! Love Beyond (the musical that I was a part of at Wembley Arena and the main reason for my move over to London in the first place) was truly the experience of a lifetime! I can't even begin to describe how immensely blessed I am to have been able to be a part of this experience! From the rehearsals, to the intricate acting sessions we would be taken through in order to really capture the essence of the raw emotion for the story, to every single individual involved in the process - Christian and non-Christian, alike. To say that we became a family, would be an understatement! Every single one of us grew so extremely close and invested in each others' lives! I seriously love every one of them and have made so many lasting friendships!! I will never EVER forget this time in my life, evidenced by the fact that I have chosen to stay living in London for a while longer in hopes of continuing to do theatre IN London! I have actually had a few auditions, already, and am trying to deal with visa issues and what have you... but we'll see what happens! I got to perform at a few other events across the ponds and God continues to make little things happen here and there that allow me to keep performing! It never ceases to amaze me how God continues to open doors for me for performing over there!! I am so undeserving, yet He keeps opening doors for me to perform... doing what I am most passionate about!! And it is ALL Him, not anything in me at all! And that, honestly, is one of the most refreshing feelings ever! I don't have to worry or be anxious about performing or auditioning or where I'm going next... it's already been planned out! PHEW! Thank You, Lord!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? It's just been quite the experience getting to live in London for nearly a year! I would absolutely love to live there, indefinitely... Obtaining an agent in which to do theatre and getting to make millions of more friends, investing in relationships and lives for Jesus over there! My life has been utterly changed... Both personally, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally! In all honesty, I was not prepared for the immense amount of life altering situations I would be placed in and I can't BEGIN to thank the LORD enough for them! I've discovered things about myself and my drive for a career in theatre as well as just general life. I've made lasting friendships that have challenged, inspired, and encouraged me to grow not only as a person but in relationship with Christ as well.  Visa issues and what have you might make my coming back to America more imminent, but Lord willing, He will place me wherever He sees best, and I can do nothing but TRUST Him, for even though He has no reason to CONTINUALLY show me His trustworthiness, He unceasingly does - day in and day out!  We'll see where Jesus takes me... My arms and heart are open wide!  If the visa issues fail to work out... That is ok too! I have loved every second of my time there, and know that it was for a very real and palpable reason!!

What are you reading? Not to be cliche at all, buttttt... I'm currently in the middle of a book called "God on the Road"... Written by Andy Frost, the Head of a charity I've been working for on the side, in London - Share Jesus International. It's a book about 13 people taking a road trip around Portugal, France, and Spain but as they journey through all these different places, they take note of the ministry they involved themselves in along the way. A missionary Road Trip. It's a real great read! Also super cool to see mission being applied to something people do all the time... Road Trips!!! London has certainly ignited my desire and passion to travel all over!! I just LOVE it!! This book implements our call to be Ambassadors of the Gospel in EVERY aspect of our lives, through every journey or "chance" encounter! I'm really enjoying Andy's log of their adventuring, and highly recommend it to anyone excited about loving Jesus AND traveling... At the same time.

What's your advice to those coming up behind you, maybe in a season right before you? Be who you are and don't change to "fit in." LOVE people! It's about relationships... Everlasting impacts and loving people where they're at! Popularity is a fad that Satan uses to convince you that you are "less than" or not good enough to be this or do that... Don't listen! God has fathomably and abundantly more for you than you could ever imagine, and He's waiting for you to TRUST Him and SURRENDER your heart to His... So He can show you ALL He's got planned. Don't get defeated. Don't lose heart. Don't stress rejection! Around every corner, a new opportunity is dawning... And you never know... It's probs WAY better than the one you're lamenting about, right now.

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