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Twenty-Something & Thriving: A Blog Series pt.4

Twenty-Something & Thriving: A Blog Series pt.4


TST-3((The fourth post in a new series called Twenty-Something & Thriving, featuring girls who are chasing dreams, living out passions, and taking on the world. These are the ones who get it)). Today we get to hear from Whitney Blake, one of my personal favorites because I've followed her blog since before she was a dot com and we were both in college and she was just starting in all of her design ventures. She's done amazing you guys. Her Instagram is so beautiful and she has her very own real-life office to work out of. Dreams, I know. So if anyone is going to help show us twenty-somethings how to chase and actually achieve big goals, she's it! She goes forward with her ideas and isn't afraid to do brave things, and I so admire that. Read her interview and jump on the WhitV fan-club train with me girls ; )




Name:  Whitney Vass Age: 23 City: Greensboro, NC Occupation: Graphic and web designer Hobby: This is awful and embarrassing but I seem to always turn my hobbies into business ventures... whoops.

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do! A mini bio: Hey y'all! I'm Whitney, the one-woman-team behind Heart & Arrow Design. I'm a self proclaimed workaholic and I absolutely love creating beautiful things for passionate women! 

How did you decide to pursue Graphic Design? While I was in college studying business I decided that I wanted to study abroad in Germany. Unfortunately study abroad (and the backpacking adventure I also wanted to go on) are extremely pricy and my family wouldn't be able to cover all of the costs. I was still blogging at the time, so I decided to put myself out there and see if any of my blog readers would be interested in a custom blog design. And they were! I was getting an insane amount of orders and everything just snowballed from there.

What was the transition like for you coming right out of college, making the decision to start a business, and turning it into your actual job? Since I started my business while I was in school, it definitely made the transition significantly easier.  I would say that the worst part was shutting down other people's opinions on what I 'should' be doing after graduation, since most older people don't understand that 'self-employed' doesn't necessarily mean 'starving artist'. 

While I was in school, I only had time to work on my business between classes, writing my honors thesis, and student org meetings that I was the president of. So basically I had no time, ever. I wanted to see what I could do with a full 40+ hours a week and infinitely more energy to commit to my business. After graduating I fell completely in love with life as an entrepreneur and now there's no looking back!Who are a few women you admire/look up to?  My mom, my college mentor (Judy Girard), and Emily Ley.Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Still making pretty things for amazing women, still hustlin, and hopefully married/working on a house!What's the biggest goal/dream you're working towards right now? I'm trying to streamline my processes and figure out how to best use my creative energy. That way I can be more productive and have time to do things like get back to my abandoned blog!

What are you reading? Yes, Please by Amy Poehler

What's your advice to those coming up behind you, maybe in a season right before you? Don't ever give up! Things are going to get tough, you're going to make bad decisions, and sometimes people will say mean things. But that does not mean that you should stop pursuing what you're passionate about with everything you've got. If you work hard, it'll pay off and the amazing things will always outweigh the less-than-great moments!

What's one skill you secretly/or not so secretly you wish you had and were good at? I so wish I had photography skills! I feel like I can compose a photo pretty well but when it comes to the manual camera settings and editing stuff, I think my brain is maxed out on tech skills at the moment!



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All about that neon crop-top bikini people.