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Trip to Magnolia Silos

Trip to Magnolia Silos


We were in Waco for less than 24-hours, but it was worth it because Magnolia is all that it's cracked up to be. Basically a mini amusement park for design lovers. And Jojo's mom is running around being the cutest host ever, and you just feel like you were meant to be there.

We were too in awe to remember to take that many pictures, and actually I didn't even get any inside the store. I was probably busy drooling with heart eyes over everything. It was an accident that we stumbled in during "Spring at the Silos," which brought two full streets of pop up venders, yoga on the lawn, and some other fun things. Our trip was quick, but here are a few tips to note before you make your journey down to Waco. Which you absolutely should BTW : )

- Don't pay for parking! There is plenty of street parking, and a trolley stops right in front of the Silos if you did have to park a bit farther away.

- Be early or be late. We drove up Thursday, an hour before closing time and didn't even have to wait to get into the store. However Friday morning before 10am, the wait was over an hour so we didn't end up going in again. The wait for the bakery was ALWAYS long, so your best bet would be to get there right at opening!

- Get a "Cowboy Coffee" at Common Grounds. They have a food truck on site, so you can grab one before walking around. It's made with their secret syrup and it was so yum. On the sweet side though, FYI.

- Stay in an Airbnb! I mean I'll be on the Airbnb train for forever probably, so it's no shocker I'd suggest it here too. We stayed in a tiny house that was basically in Tim Riggin's back yard in some real Texas countryside (note: Friday Night Lights). But there are some Chip & Joanna "Fixer Upper" houses that are listed on Airbnb too. Out of our price range, but if you can, it would be a DREAM to stay there I'm sure.

- Eat at Torchy's Tacos. It's right down the street from the Silos, and so many of our friends recommended eating here while we were in Texas. It's one of their famous taco restaurant chains, and so so so good. We had dinner AND breakfast tacos here. Worth it.

I could go on I'm sure. But it was one of those thing's C and I were both so glad we made happen being so close here in Mississippi : )

P.S. There is also an In-N-Out nearby too! So you kind of have to, you know?


A proclaimed summer uniform & a few other good things.

A proclaimed summer uniform & a few other good things.

At Home.

At Home.