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The Best 2017 Hallmark Christmas Movies

The Best 2017 Hallmark Christmas Movies


It’s no secret that I live for Hallmark Christmas movies. And if you’re here reading this particular post, than we are probably kindred spirits. Although I need to be honest and share that rating this year’s movies was 100% Christian’s idea. In fact he was so adamant about it that he wrote down a running list of all the titles so we could make notes to remember and compare how we felt about each one. He’s v into this.

Note: This list will be edited each time we watch a new movie. Once it has premiered and/or once we're back in Charlotte and can watch the ones DVR'd for us : )

OK. Without further ado...

The Best 2017 Hallmark Christmas movies 
- so far - from favorite to least:

1. With Love, Christmas 

  • A sweet, romantic twist on the classic Secret Santa game. Slash a Christmassy "You've Got Mail" kind of thing. Loved the main actors, and it was pleasantly unpredictable. I'd watch it again, which is why this is currently my favorite!
  • It's just that... there wasn't as much beautiful wintery scenery as you normally get in a Hallmark Christmas movie, but it's still pretty much a 10/10.

2. Switched at Christmas

  • Candace Cameron Bure is just the best. So getting her double the amount in 1 movie meant it was going to be a good one. I'm biased, clearly. But the storyline was fun and it was just everything you love in a Hallmark Movie x 2. 
  • It's just that... the twin's personalities were the same to me which kind of made the "switch" less dramatic. But like I said, CCB still wins all. 

3. Miss Christmas

  • The perfect kind of Hallmark lead, with beautiful scenery and once again pleasantly unpredictable. Definitely team #KeepTheTree, tbh.
  • It's just that... besides the acre of land the tree sits on this one's also missing the wintery landscapes a bit.

4. Christmas Festival of Ice

  • Maybe because this is one of the first I watched this season, or because it was nice to have some new actors, but I'm a fan. May not have been the most realistic, but I'd watch it again!
  • It's just that... her hair bothered me for some reason, it was so stiff?? 

5. A Gift to Remember

  • A sweet bookstore worker runs her bike into a handsome guy who gets amnesia and she has to help him remember?! Romantic Christmas movie gold. 
  • It's just that... not sure if they really made sense as a couple chemistry wise.

6. The Christmas Train

  • I thought this one would actually rank higher for me, because the whole concept of the story was really great, and different, and a handful of bigger names were included. And we liked it! But didn't love it. I did see it was based off of a book, which is maybe why the pace was a little off.
  • It's just that... without giving anything away, the ENDING. 

7. Coming Home for Christmas

  • Actually a fun storyline with a good love triangle, but I just couldn't really get on board with the lead actress. (I know I know it's Danica!! But it just didn't feel belevable with her).
  • It's just that... it makes a difference you know!

8. Marry Me At Christmas

  • A few funny moments, and the storyline was cute! Gorgeous scenery with a lot of potential for the love story to be good, just maybe not quite there.
  • It's just that... I think I wish the sister would have been the lead.

9. Mistletoe Inn

  • Probably not the best writing and acting... but sometimes the best part is the making fun part? Knowing you're still going to watch the whole thing because it's Christmas and Hallmark and you love it anyways. 
  • It's just that... didn't quite connect to the characters. 

10. Enchanted Christmas 

  • Dancing? YES. Real life married couple co-starring? YES. So much potential!!! But wasn't quite there.
  • It's just that... it was a little too predictable I think.

11. Finding Santa

  • Definitely nailed it on the scenery. However that was about it for me. 
  • It's just that... the storyline and the chemistry...weren't? 


Ok! That's all for now. Stay tuned for the rest to come all you fellow Hallmark lovers. Xoxo.

*All photos via The Hallmark Channel

It’s January and our apartment still looks like this.

It’s January and our apartment still looks like this.

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