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Thank you Lynchburg.

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I’ve made 4 life-changing decisions, that I can pinpoint at least. They’re the ones that kept me up at night contemplating, feeling the weight of the “eithers” and the “ors.” Choosing a college was one of those decisions. Because choosing a college sets the stage for your life. I knew that then. But I know now… it’s even more true than I ever thought.

Liberty University was the best thing in the world to me. Freshman year was a dream and the memories I made with my roommates won’t every be replaced by anything. I started dancing again and found out how much I love theater. I had Biblical community and found life-lasting friendships. I learned and I was challenged, and I got to walk through it all holding hands with the love of my life. College ((or whatever it is you decided to do after high school)) is the 4-years you have to grow into the person you want to be before you step into the real world. I can confidently say I did grow, in every way. Always covered in grace.

I’m not sad to leave. I’m much too thankful to be sad right now. I write that, but somehow the tears escape me still. What can I say? My life started here. I love this place, in all its small-town glory. The convocations, the football games, the dollar theater, the J.Crew sales, the La Carretta. I mean, my Starbucks addiction started here you guys ((!!!)). And then I lived my first post-grad year here. Nannying, adventuring, dreaming and dancing. Most days were wonderful and of course, some days were hard. But it was exactly where I needed to be.

I’ll miss my roommates most. And our sweet, sweet Apt 301. I played with Barbies every day when I was little and dreamed and pretended to live in an apartment with all my BFFs. So they were a literal dream come true, and so much more of a gift than I had anticipated. Also, the fact that we’ll all be CLT girls soon is not a coincidence to me ((thank you Jesus!)).

In reminiscing it all, I just get to smile and laugh because I’m so gosh-darn thankful. Grateful for the good and the bad. My heart is full. Just so, so full. The Lord’s faithfulness is steadfast and when I start to doubt His goodness, I get to look back on these Lynchburg days and remember.

So, thank you Lynchburg. For bringing me to people I love and times I can’t forget. For giving me a place to learn and grow and change. For holding the place that helped me really understand the Gospel. Where I learned to love and worship and cherish Jesus more. For the opportunities you gave me. For the dreams I got to live. For letting me call you Lynchy. And mostly, for being my home. I’ve said it before, and I hope I get to keep saying it after every season of my life: The best four five years I could have wished for. I’ll miss these days, but for now I’m too excited for the future.


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