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Scarf Life

Scarf Life


DSC_0691 copy DSC_0704DSC_0699 copyDSC_0687DSC_0732DSC_0737 DSC_0708 Scarf// Tunic (similar here)// Leggings// Booties (similar here)// Clutch// Bracelets

This is one of those things that you buy, and it becomes your new best investment. I mean I could wear it every day. And by could I mean probably. And by probably I mean do... It's like the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants jeans. You put it on with any outfit, on anyone, and it just works you know? ((It also acts as a blanket in this freezing cold weather that's un-welcomingly entered the scene this week. So keep in mind you want to bring it everywhere-all-the-time, which you would do anyways because I mean look at it. It's the cutest)).

Also, if being an outfit repeater means basically being Lizzie McGuire than fine. That's my lifelong childhood dream coming true.




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