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Red, white, & black all over.

Red, white, & black all over.


cam-18cam-4 cam-8cam-16 cam-10 cam-19 Jacket (similar)// Shirt// Pants// Booties// Necklace

There's nothing like being home. And when the Christmas music came on and the lights went up on trees, I mean... Hallmark movies twenty-four-sev please. I'm literally skipping and dancing around like it's the norm. Because it should be. So, I'm heading back up to Lynchy with a bag full of decorations ready to cover Apt 301 (!!!!) Lights and garlands and candles. Dreams.

And in the same Christmassy spirit, I've pulled out my red lipstick and #cantstopwontstop you know? This white coat practically sings winter wonderland, and maybe a little bit of baby it's cold outside. So, Happy December 1st, my sweet friends! Have a candy cane to celebrate. And probably Starbucks.


Photos by Laurel Creative

DIY Lip Scrub

IBFB (!!!!)

IBFB (!!!!)