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perhaps a Powerpuff Girl

perhaps a Powerpuff Girl


Currently laying in bed sick. I took the day off yesterday, which is my all-time least favorite thing. Taking the day off for being sick. I much prefer to work through it and keep those sick days for fun days, you know? Alas, I couldn’t do it yesterday. So I forced myself do absolutely nothing. No instagram, no hair assessments, no nothing. Just rest. And although I’m not as pitiful today, I am very much under the weather still.

And I thought I’d pop back in here while I lay in bed. Do people still read blogs? The verdict is out I know, but I think I’ll still be here regardless of the naysayers. Next to my very own journal it’s always been my safest place to write. Because only my real real people come hangout here. My OGs. And you’re still my favorite.

So I feel safe enough to admit that I’m not sure I’m pulling this two-piece set off. But I’m here for it (and if you are too here’s a little discount code for ya: Q4coraland15 . Because I feel like work-out Barbie or maybe a Powerpuff Girl. Either way it’s fun and I’m here for it.

Happy Thursday friends. Love you. You know I mean it.


on plaid and such

on plaid and such