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Ok, ok. It's goal time.

Ok, ok. It's goal time.

Being out of town for the holidays meant being ok with no 2017 planning happening until the new year was already here. I keep reading that January 1 is not a magic number, and I happen to agree :) So! Here we are, 3 weeks in, with a big ol' cup-of-grace and a side of the Twizzlers I got in my stocking.


At the end of every year I sit, take a deep breath, and take stock of the past 12 months. I look back over my dreams and plans and goals and see where Jesus has shown up, faithfully. And then I ask Him for a new direction for this new year. A new good word/message. After a few days of praying and talking with Him about my hurts and my hopes, this idea of being rooted in truth, of being rested in Him, brought clarity to the haziness of digging through the old and trying to find the new. Psalm 91:1 popped into my mind along with THIS song from my worship interning days. And so this year I'm praying over my heart and my days: DWELL. That a year from now when I take stock again, I'll be able to see that I took the time and the priority to know Him more. That I took the time to learn what it means to DWELL with Him.

2017 GOALS

1. Live this year intentionally choosing time in His Word, above all else. So I can better hand out grace and forgiveness and joy, because it's an overflow of the fullness I have from being in His presence.

2. Read the whole Bible, chronologically.

3. Marriage Goals. We have our very own first time goals together this year!! And I have it proudly/cheesily displayed in our living room.

4. Blog more consistently. To be a better steward of this space, and the words I have, and the online community that's been so gracious to me.

5. Choose to live simply. Buy less, appreciate more. Spend money on experiences, not more clothes or more things.

Nothing outrageous this year. I just want to foster a lifestyle that is more about gratefulness and grace. And so I have these 5 goals, these 5 stones, marking 2017. To remind me of where my heart should be, so it can be ready for where we want to be going. Heading into Kingdom work. Wherever that may be.

Ask yourself (and pray over!) these 3 questions as you're cultivating the groundwork for this new year:

1. What is the Lord's vision for my 2017?

2. What are 5 things I want this year to be marked by?

3. Where do I want to be headed?


January, you've been exceptionally swell.

January, you've been exceptionally swell.

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