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I want to be newlyweds forever. And I know it hasn't even been a year, but I don't want to forget. So here's to a few things worth writing down, to help me remember in the days when it's hard to.

May: Getting to be with you 24 hours straight, for the very first time, all the time! No drive homes, no goodbyes. Just honeymooning in Mexico getting suntan lines on our left ring fingers and ordering room service because "WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT" we'd sing.

June: That time we tried oysters and pretended to like them. I got sick that night and you held my hair. But we still got to curl up on the couch that weekend with a bowl full of watermelon and watch Friday Night Lights.

July: Your face when you got the news you were accepted to grad school, and me jumping into your arms yelling "We're moving to Mississippi!!!!"

August: Those first few days in our new town. Our first big adventure. I fluttered about decorating our tiny little apartment during the day and we'd have Harry Potter marathons at night. The taste of Marcus James still takes us back.

September: Being the very proudest of you, watching you study 10+ hours a day, only stopping for dinner. If we were lucky you'd even have time to cuddle up on our hammy-down couch for a show or two. We're exceptionally good TV watchers you and me.

October: Was this when we drove an hour outside of town to see if that sketchy giveaway we got in the mail was real? It wasn't real. But we laughed so much, and I wore that vest with the fur collar I love. We ended up at the restaurant on the water in Ridgeland. It was a little too cold but it felt like home, so we didn't mind.

November: Our very first Thanksgiving. Just the two of us. Pumpkin pie for breakfast and the Macy's Day parade. You put Sinatra on the record player and sang at the top of your lungs while letting me go to town on a tablescape. We ate turkey for weeks.

December: A real live Christmas tree. No ornaments, because they were all still packed away in North Carolina. We decided our specific kind of tree was prettiest that way though. How many times did I catch you hugging it?? I love Christmastime with you.

January: Sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the bed, while you put away laundry. We were making 2017 resolutions together and I asked you what I could do this year to serve you better. "Nothing. You do so much for me." "But there has to be something!!!" "Ok, ok. Maybe putting away your blow dryer after you use it so I don't trip over it anymore..." I think I fell in love all over again. The blow dryer's in the cabinet, right where it should be.

February: You got the call. Finally. The Lord said YES. I got home that night, running up to our apartment with celebratory Chick-fil-A, hearing rap music blaring all the way downstairs. I opened the door to you proudly wearing your Charlotte jersey and your favorite panama hat we got you in the lobby of our honeymoon resort. We didn't stop smiling for days. Our next big adventure, on its way.


Jesus met me here.

Jesus met me here.

Sweater Weather Or...?

Sweater Weather Or...?