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NC Coast: Wilmington & Southport

NC Coast: Wilmington & Southport

My birthday is this week (!!!). And so we celebrated as we do best: with a quick weekend road trippp. With Wrightsville beach being only 2-hours from us, it was an easy choice especially since we'd never been there together. I worked on my favorite part all week (the itinerary), and Friday afternoon we headed to our Airbnb after work. Once we checked in, we walked down the Riverfront for a sweet dinner before getting in bed by 10pm with popcorn, champagne, and Survivor... which is my actual birthday DREAM ok. 

I secretly rented a Jeep for the next day, and so Saturday morning I snuck out early to bring it back and surprise C. We popped the top off and drove around like we owned the town. Intermittently of course, because the downpours of rain came about every hour just trying its darn hardest to ruin the occasion. But to no avail friends, because we're young! in love! unafraid of ocean storms! And there really is something about being in a Nicholas Sparks town in the rain that really gets you, you know?!

Not pictured: buying long t-shirts from Provision Co to keep us warm as we were unprepared out-of-towners, with tangled Jeep hair and wet feet from running around with no shoes because "I can't get my new Target sandals wet!!!" 

All this to say, if you're headed to Wilmington soon here are a few of my favorites from this weekend:


This Airbnb (only $42 a night!!) - it's downtown in a beautiful high rise apartment walking distance to restaurants, breweries, and the Riverwalk. The photos don't do it justice, it was a beautiful surprise to walk into and a quiet place to ourselves with a lovely hostess.  


Wrightsville Beach - My favorite NC beach!! Even if the weather isn't great, driving around to see the homes is worth it enough. 

Southport - about a 45min drive from Wilmington but it's a gorgeous little coastal town, and happens to be where Safe Haven was filmed so that may or may not have been my motive to get down there... Ps, eat at Fishy Fishy or Provision while you're there!

Downtown Wilmington- for those of us using a One Tree Hill tour as our guide, we will be very busy running around making sure we've stepped foot everywhere Brooke Davis has. For everyone else, there is plenty to see in walking down Front St. And if you have the time, driving through all the historical streets is a Victorian dream. 


Dockside - a restaurant on the intercoastal waterway where most people drive their boats up to dock and eat. It's so beachy and local and the burgers are so good. Also a lot of scenes from The Choice were filmed here sooo... #hadto

Elijah's - a touristy stop on the Riverwalk, and normally I'd run away to find something more local but sitting on the boardwalk watching the sunset is kind of unbeatable. I probably wouldn't eat there again but I'd definitely go for a drink and the views. 

Drift, Coffee & Kitchen - a gorgeous hidden coffeeshop on the way to Wrightsville. They have oatmilk (!!!) and avocado toast (!!!), so I mean how much more trendy do you need it to be?! 

Tarentelli's- if you're in the mood for really really good Italian food. They make their noodles in house and it's tucked in between blocks of gorgeous Victorian historical homes. A little pricy but so good. 

Civeche's - a Panamanian restaurant with an adorable patio area. We didn't have time to eat but we stopped in for a drink and since their specialty is rum, the Mojito was literally the best I've ever hadddd. 

And there you have it ; )



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