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my hair journey

my hair journey


If you’re here, we’re friends. You’re actually probably a blog OG of mine #favorites. So you’re getting the full, full, version of this hair journey of mine. The fine and thin struggle, a little behind-the-scenes on my take of the blogger/influencer situation when it comes to working with beauty brands, and the DL on why I’m here now and why I said “yes” to Monat.

If it’s something you’ve been looking for, I’ve gotchu. If you’re skeptical, I’ve gotchu. If you’re just here to see what the fuss is about that’s good too. You’re my people, and you know I'm taking careful attention to keep serving you and showing up for you the best ways I know how. And today that’s with some of that good honest, “Hi my name is Camryn, and I’ve been good at faking having happy/luscious hair but now I’m in my 20’s and it’s not so easy to fake anymore and omg I didn’t even know that anti-aging hair care was thing but HERE I AM not letting the world take me out or force me into $$$ extensions because I found a better way. And I am so her for it.”

So without further ado, join me for my morning coffee and some real talk:

So now for your free hair consultation… if you’re up for it, have questions, or just really love taking self-assessment quizzes like me: HERE YOU GO!

Love you all, mean it. Excited to jump into this with you.

P.S. The my v first before/after is below! (Clearly have a ways to go on my ends, but the plumpness of my wet hair after two washes and the lack of tangled messss. Dreams for me).


the house as cure

the house as cure