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Mini Romwe Haul & Review!

Mini Romwe Haul & Review!

Ok ok ok! So you know we did this ROMWE haul with videos over on Insta-stories last night, but with you all asking for direct links etc etc I figured this would be the best place to give the people what they want. You're v welcome.

SO, first up...


Low Back Swimsuit - size SMALL

Pros: Very cute! Simple, comfy, great quality.
Cons: The padding was a little weird, small obvious circles (you can see that more clearly in the video over on Insta-stories). I might change out the padding from another suit to see if that makes it less obvious.

But I'll definitely be wearing this one. With some shorts it basically becomes a body suit so, voila!

Rating = 8 out of 10


Frill Rib Swimsuit - in size SMALL

Pros: Such cute detailing, and I love the back. Also, the fabric is thick enough that it's not see-through really. 
Cons: The front cups are basically just flat... meaning there is no side fabric or coverage!! Aka you could fall out at any moment.

SO. I'll stick to wearing this just with C or my girlfriends. 

Rating = 6 out of 10

Polka Dot Bikini - in size SMALL

Pros: CUTEST. A great fit, good coverage, and cute tie in the back. 
Cons: It's a little more deep V than I'd like, so I'll probably add a few stitches to pull it in a little just so I can be totally comfortable. 

My for sure favorite out of the suits!

Rating = 9 out of 10

Eyelet Lace Up Swimsuit - in size SMALL

Pros: Love the style, and it's not see-through!
Cons: It's VERY cheeky. Hence the reason I have no photos to share, ha! 

I'll wear this when it's just me and C on vaca somewhere LOL. Or I guess as a bodysuit?! 

Rating = 3 out of 10

Tie Back Tank Top & Ruffle Hem Matching Set - in size MEDIUM

Pros: Cute pattern, flattering cut, reversible top (says me!!) 
Cons: Even though it looks pretty nice, the fabric is for sure a cheaper material. I will say though, it became way softer after I washed/dried it. 

I'm obsessed with this set already!! I have it washed/dried/and packed in my suitcase to head down to CLT for the weekend with #winning

Rating = 9 out of 10


And there you have it friends! Hopefully taking one for the team and going gung-ho to try ROMWE out saved you one way or another ; ) 

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How to order from

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