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These are the days of... (July 18')

These are the days of... (July 18')

Romper (size L)/ Bikini Top/ Bikini Bottom


These are the days of...

- Packing and moving and packing moving... load up all the boxes my little Hyundai can fit, drive to the new place, unload, bring back empty boxes. Repeat. Only one more sleep now until those U-Haul friends help us bring the last bits of our lives with us. #3movesin3years #wecandothis

- A glass of wine and some Ping Pong before dinner. We played every day on our honeymoon and I guess it just takes us back, you know? 

- FINALS for C. Which means he's at his desk after class for 8 hours vs the normal 6. What a guy.

- Countdowns. Until we move (!!), until vacation (!!!), until that new rug arrives (!!!!). Looking forward to things is fun. 

- Justin's engagement. All of my text threads are currently filled. Hailey. Justin. Equally yoked? Who is comforting Selena?! We're all a mess.

- Ordering this romper and putting it on backwards, but realizing you like it better that way (ie: above photos). *Pro Tip: I ordered it in a size LARGE because I wanted it to be loose fitted. For the win.


Disney World, 2k18

Disney World, 2k18

How to order from SheIn.com

How to order from SheIn.com