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It’s January and our apartment still looks like this.

It’s January and our apartment still looks like this.

But don’t even begin to think that I’m not v proud of the fact that it’s still Christmastime at the Glackins. We decided that we’ll for sure make ourselves say goodbye and put everything away once our tree dies. Or in February. Whichever comes first. (Just kiddinggggg !?) But this is my dream world you guys. The Bachelor on Monday nights with garland still hanging from the doorway… and best of all, the social acceptance to be in your jammies at 6pm and no one questions you because we’re all just trying to hibernate/survive until March. 

C & I took a couple hours on New Year's Day to go back and read through our goals and prayers for 2017, so we could make new ones. Not so much resolutions as a vision for the year, rearranging priorities. Anyways it was one of those surreal moments, reading through how our prayers and dreams from last year were so heavy with the hope of Christian getting into dental school. How many times that unknown brought me to my knees. And now, this year we get to PRAISE, again. And DREAM, again. Resting in the fact that we're exactly where the Lord has called us, and now instead of having to look so far forward we can plant and grow right where we are. Right here in Chapel Hill. And I'm giddy about it, not kidding. 

I made a Vision Board again this year via Pinterest (see HERE). And I think it was the last step my heart needed to be ALL IN for 2018. To be excited and expectant and READY.

So. In Jesus' name, bring on the HARVEST

P.S. If you create a Pinterest Vision Board tag me!! Because I'm telling you nothing gets me more inspired than seeing other people getting inspired too :)

Love you guys. And HAPPY NEW YEAR (!!!)

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