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Intentional Life-Friend Retreat

Intentional Life-Friend Retreat


We were planning a trip for my friend’s birthday, and she texted the group, “Let’s do like a girls weekend slash Intentional Life-Friend Retreat?” YES! Whatever that is I’m in. A retreat at the beach? With my life-friends? Can’t wait.

She brought us each a “Dream Guide” and I brought my PowerSheets, and with our journals and our Bibles we hopped into the car that first morning and cozied ourselves at a back table in the coffee shop across the street from our Airbnb. We didn’t necessarily start out with a plan for our “sessions,” but they morphed into a kind of rhythm that we followed each morning. And afterwards we’d walk out and I’d feel more full and more known than before; excited for the season and the dreams and the goals that I was digging into with them. It’s one thing to do it alone, but it’s a whole other level when you have people you love and trust encouraging you that what you hope for actually does MATTER and your desires for your life aren’t for nothing. You have purpose. And it’s empowering to have the kind of friend (and be the kind of friend) who gets to say “But you’re SO good at that” or “I’ve been able to see how you’ve grown” or “It’s OK to not have all the answers, because we can rest in a Savior who does.”

So here’s a simple session guideline that came about from our mornings together, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Next year maybe I’ll make my own, but for now hopefully you can grab your own life-friends and have a starting place:

intentional life-friend retreat.png

Tools Needed:

  1. Dream Guide - download this free from Jennie Allen’s website, it’s on her home page about mid-way down (she’s a super wise leader and Believer). We each had our own copies to write in.

  2. Journals and pens - if you’re the kind who processes through writing ( hi ME wow), it’s always good to have something to jot notes or prayers down, etc.

  3. Bibles.

  4. PowerSheets (if you have them)!

Untitled design.png

Session 1:

  1. Find your quiet space together (with coffee, and probably donuts to be safe), and read aloud the “Note from Jennie” on the first page of the Dream Guide. It’s a good place to start to set the purpose of sitting down together to reflect and dream and pray.

  2. Fill out individually the first page “I am thankful for” - and take turns reading aloud your list to each other.

    • Listen, ask questions, and speak encouragement over each other. This is probably the most important part, as you take turns verbally processing you have the chance to learn more about the heart of your friend and be the one to affirm her and love her well in this way. *Repeat this type of dialogue/discussion between every page you fill out*

  3. Fill out the next page “Spiritual” - and take turns reading aloud your list.

    • Listen, ask, encourage.

  4. Fill out the next page “Relational” - and take turns reading aloud your list.

    • Listen, ask, encourage.

  5. Pray over each other.

Somehow we ended our first session in Genesis talking about angels LOL, but I think it would be a really sweet thing to wrap up each morning lifting each other up in prayer, you know? But there’s no right or wrong format, I mean we were making it up as we went. The point is to be processing and talking through this stuff with friends who you trust and who will always point you back to what matters more = JESUS. Amen?! Amen.

Session 2:

  1. Fill out the next page “Personal” - and take turns reading aloud your list.

    • Listen, ask, encourage.

  2. Fill out the next page “Work” - and take turns reading aloud your list.

    • Listen, ask, encourage.

  3. Now that we had really taken stock on where our hearts currently were. We took a minute to look back at the big picture, and then look forward at the big picture by answering these two questions (inspired by some of my filled out PowerSheets):

    1. Look back = Think through the good things and the hard things from the past year, and discern what you learned from them? About yourself? About the Lord?

    2. Look forward= What has to happen in your life, (what are the goals you need to set or the perspective you need to change), for you to say 12-months from now, “YES. I lived this year on purpose” ?

  4. Pray over each other.

Session 3:

  1. Write out all of your goal ideas, dreams, and hopes on a page in your journal - and take turns reading aloud your list.

    • Listen, ask, encourage.

  2. Now looking at your full page, group “like-things” together. Heath related goals, relational related goals, spiritual related goals, etc.

  3. Use each other to dig into what is going to help you do these things well, especially if there are goals you can do together to keep each other encouraged and motivated.

  4. Pray over each other.

We kind of stumbled into a group goal together at the end of our last session, and it’s honestly been one of the best parts of my year so far. I shared a little bit on Instagram (see “Faith” Insta-story highlights) about the Chronological Bible Reading Plan we’re doing, and I literallyyy was in awe at the amount of you who also got excited about it and told me you grabbed your own friends to start the plan together too. To me that’s the BEST thing I could hear. V encouraged wow. (I’ll break down the reading plan more on another day because it’s worth talking about).

Untitled design.png

But for now, I hope this was helpful you guys. And even if you don’t use any of ittttt, I hope you’re at least encouraged to grab your friends and have your own version of an Intentional Life-Friend Retreat #ILFR.

Love you mean it. Happy dreaming.


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