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Holiday parties and all that

Holiday parties and all that


DSC_0859 copy DSC_0813 DSC_0890 DSC_0810 DSC_0799 copyDSC_0868 Leggings// Heels (new version)

This year is my first Christmas as a "working" girl, aka I don't get a month off for the Holiday's like I did in college. The saddest. I know. But my roomies and I have gone all out to bring the Christmas cheer to our a apartment, with much success. And if I make it to a Christmas party then I'll probably pull this little number out again. ((Not going to lie the faux leather leggings make me feel sassier than normal, so I'm all about it)). And in lieu of longing for this tank, I found the next best thing in the back of my closet and threw it under the black top. Dreams.

Also note: protesting Lynchburg's minuscule outlet for heel-wearing events and just wearing them anyways.


OH San Fran

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