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7 happy things this September

7 happy things this September

  1. Warm weather is still here and lake weekends haven’t ended just yet, although the ice cream boat served their last scoops labor day weekend and saying “goodbye until next summer!” was v sad. #summerforever

  2. Dresses and tennies? Not sure I can fully pull it off but it’s a vibe I’m into it because when comfort is an actual trend- my world’s collide in the best way. Also, this dress is only $14 (!!!) so can’t beat that for your back-to-school closet refresh.

  3. Speaking of back-to-school, C is a THIRD YEAR you guys. This means we are over half-way through dental school now, and those of you who have been with us from the beginning know exactly how happy that really is. The biggest kind of praise.

  4. My hair dreams are getting bigger and so is my actual hair because it’s the real deal you guys. And my fine “toddler hair” as my stylist used to describe it is growing up and growing out and I am And girls are joining with me (I KNOW) and it’s becoming this cute little tribe, and I didn’t even realize how much my heart loves to train/coach/lift up other girls who want to chase their dreams too until all of this. If you need to catch up or want to hop in:

  5. Back into the Mindy Project… again. When C was in Mexico for two weeks on his dental missions trip I needed something that was happy and comforting to watch, and what do you know, Mindy’s valley girl heart just gets mine. And then I started over and Christian’s watching it with me. Dreams, wow.

  6. Thursday Night Seconds; what our Bible study is now officially called. Because our cute hostesses feed us actual dinner each Thursday night and then of course getting to be fed on the Word, lol. Community is hard to find sometimes, because it isn’t handed to you anymore when you’re out of college. You have to be willing to show up and go, or show up and invite. Usually both. And just so you know, you’re all invited. Any girl who’s nearby and needs a girl-gang who loves Jesus – we’re here and you’re welcome. DM me and I’ll send you the deets!

  7. I was a guest on the Good News Sister podcast that I LOVE, and I was of course nervy and excited, but more than anything I’m passionate about this conversation talking about using social media for the Glory of God. So if you haven’t yet – give it a listen here! My prayer is that it brings some freedom and needed encouragement in this space. And even if you don’t listen to my episode, you’ll want to listen to their other ones. All the Gospel truth you guys, and so so good!

And just like that, I’m still a blogger! Wowow, rusty but still here, haha.

Love you guys for real.



my hair journey

my hair journey