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DIY Hat Wall (& bringing people into the good-life)

DIY Hat Wall (& bringing people into the good-life)

If we’re Insta-friends you’ve probably seen me post about this hat wall in our room. And a tutorial seems a little silly but just in case you’re not as carefree with nailing holes in the wall when the whim comes (like this girl), here are my best steps:

  1. Create the pattern. Lay out the hats you want to use on the floor in the shape you think might look good on your wall space. Move them around a bit to try different levels until it feels balanced. Mine has room to grow, so if I get other hats I’ll have nice spaces to fit them in.

  2. Start left to right. When you figure out the height of the first hat, all the others will come easily.

  3. Don’t be afraid of a few extra nail holes! I had to readjust some of mine once I saw what it looked like with the hats hanging. Thankfully hats are very forgiving a.k.a they cover a lot of wall so your mess-up holes won’t be seen ;)

I’ve always shied away from sharing things that are “un-finished,” but I don’t think that’s serving people well. The majority of our home is furnished in hammy-downs, and even though we’re in a rental that we love, I can’t say that I don’t dream about a white kitchen that I can Instagram along with everyone else. BUT, I want to meet people where they are. To bring people into the happy and the messy and the real-life. Because that’s where the good-life happens. So, here’s to more of that this year with you friends.


Merry (belated) Christmas!!

Merry (belated) Christmas!!