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Disney World, 2k18

Disney World, 2k18

Shorts/ Tennis Shoes/ Dress / Scrunchie (a life savor) 

It went something like this...

Sunday, Animal Kingdom: Arrive, and run straight to Pandora (while simultaneously trying to take everything in because, wait what?! How are we here right now?! And you know that big massive tree in the middle just makes you feel something #LionKing). So, we get in line for the newest Avatar experience and spend the hour in line setting up fast passes and scheduling out the day. We flew, literally but also figuratively, on the back of an Avatar Banshee and we'll never be the same. 

We then had our very first Mickey Ice Cream bar of the trip and it was everything my 9th grade heart remembered. We walked through the rain in Asia and caught a safari ride in Africa, and ended up at the evening water light show. After which we almost got stuck in the old off-brand Jurassic Park dinosaur ride, all alone in the ride car, in the dark, 5 minutes before the park closed. We agreed that moment was scarier than any of the haunted mansions could hope to be.

After a drink and a snack at Rainforest Cafe, we piled into our Airbnb a few minutes down the road and knocked out with "The Circle of Life," playing in our heads. The happy little Disney-goers that we were. 

Monday, Magic Kingdom: We skipped into the Happiest Place on Earth to an adorable group of 1930's trolley riders dancing and singing, as if they knew the key to our hearts was a morning musical. Magic. After a quick trip to Space Mountain we grabbed coffee to head to Monster's Inc and then Dumbo and then It's a Small World and then all the things you can think of. All in our matching shirts, like the good-committed-cheesy-Disney-families do. 

We sat on the shoulders of our guys to watch the parade go by and waved and shouted to all the princesses like we knew them. And then when the rain came we ran for cover into the Lady and the Tramp Italian place on Main Street. For a Prosecco and some bread. The essentials. 

After waiting far too long for Splash Mountain we made it out just in time to grab seats on the grass for the fireworks show. Fingers powdery from the funnel cake, we cried. Because how do you not cry when there is literal magic all around you and the music is telling you to believe in your dreams?! And when you're singing your lungs out to Moana and so is the 5-year-old next to you, you look at her, and she smiles, because she knows. Same girl. Same. 

Tuesday, Hollywood Studios: My sister and her husband headed out, but we had 3-day tickets so we rolled out of bed achy feet and all, and stepped right into Old Hollywood with Frank serenading us down the streets. Christian's favorite thing. Also Christian's favorite thing: hearing the marching of the Star Wars bad guys. The resistance? No. Whatever is the opposite of the Jedi. *Googles "Star Wars bad guy's army"* Ah yes. Stormtroopers! We ran to watch them... march? I'm not sure but he was v excited and v into it. 

I faced my fear of the Tower of Terror and after a riveting behind the scenes of Indiana Jones' stunts, we sat through a Frozen Sing-Along show. And there I was again, joining the choir of little girls in matching Minnie headbands. Plus the dad behind us who also knew all the words. What a guy. 

Around 3pm we finally said our goodbyes, with our magnets and Minnie ears as keepsakes, and headed home. Struggle bussing to stay awake the last few hours of the drive and crawlinggg into bed after 2am. To wake up for work, and Christian's new semester. We made it somehow. Probably magic. And all worth it. 


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