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Day Dreamin

Day Dreamin


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Jumpsuit/ Vest (currently 50% off!!!)/ Shoes/ Tote

Not going to lie to you, I wore this both to-and-from the West Coast because it's literally the perfect traveling outfit. Cute and so comfortable I can't even. And that's really all I'll say about that.

After church yesterday C and I went to lunch, and sat out on a covered patio while it rained. We decided to make a list of things that we want. More of a dreams/goals kind of list if you will. Of course his first addition was "Attend a game at every NFL stadium." LOL. And I'm ok with that because that means lots of traveling one day. We added silly things like "take a hip-hop class together," and then right after added things that reflect more of our heartbeat like "adopt" and "start a free clinic with our church." Hearing his dreams and plans for us is the sweetest way to spend an afternoon you know? Love this man. ((Ok sorry, #mushfest over)).

Anywaysssss, happy Monday babes!


DIY Distressed Jeans

Pretty good OVERALL