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A letter to September

A letter to September

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Dear September,

Let me tell you about my summer. I know, I know. The debate is still out: are you a summer month? Or do you count as Fall? But it’s still so hot! Yes, but Pumpkin Spice came early this year... You’re a real controversial one, you are. But I’m here for something else. I just need to know where my heart is at before stepping into a new season. And as you know, I process life through the words that come through this blinking cursor, and since it’s been a full to the brim kind of time, the words have been few and far between. So, here I am to spill the tea. The very low-key, un-juicy, mostly just normal days kind of tea. If you’re into finding little glimpses of glory in the mundane, like me.

-          My word of the year is “Harvest,” as some of you remember. And I’ve felt that this summer quite overwhelmingly. Digging through hard things to make room for the better things. The messy abundance of sanctification and restoration. And Jesus is better. Every time. 

-          All the weddings. All the dance floors. And many celebrations we had to miss because you just can’t quite afford to fit them all in, you know?

-          We moved! Again! To a sweet rental townhome. And even with only one corner fully decorated, it’s still our favorite place to be. It felt like home the minute we pulled up to the little blue door, that had its very own mailbox right outside. A mailbox people! These are the things that bring joy to a dental student wife.

-          We soaked up a week at the beach, and probably overshared via insta-stories. Still on my “Travel” highlight if you’re also a glutton for reminiscing getaways.

-          I’m a big fan of Goodreads, since I can keep track of books I’ve read, what I rated them, books I’d like to read, and so on. Also for the continued reading challenge my old roomie and I have = 25 books in 2015, 26 in 2016, 27 in 2017, and now 28 in 2018. So, here is the running list of books read so far.

-          Two of my friends and I started a Bible Study for the 3 of us to go through Hebrews. And it’s been SO soul refreshing. If it’s been awhile, you forget how much your heart needs community to walk through the Word with. So Sunday nights are now a real life holy treat. Usually with decaf coffee and a “Ok, ok, we should start though,” to transition from friend catch-ups about the Bachelor to discussing Jesus as our High Priest etc, etc. Who can relate though?! ((I prayed for those kinds of people to be here in Chapel Hill. Thanks Jesus)).

Wow you guys I’m gushing my heart out over here and have so much more to share. I got balayage! The lake weekends! Leading worship! Heading to France next month! I learned how to use Lightroom! My fave summer accessory is my anklet! Is that allowed?! Are they even back in style?! Ugh so much. But to maintain my typical short and sweet style posts I’ll end it here. Maybe I have my writing mo-jo back. If for nothing else but the happy state of my heart when I do.

Thanks for being my online and IRL friends. Both feel just as special.

((Oh right, and to you September. Who this letter was originally intended, thanks for being you. Summer or not)).


Enough with the adulting already!

Enough with the adulting already!

Disney World, 2k18

Disney World, 2k18