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Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg


Please Note: To keep scrolling means to step right into Colonial America. So unless you’re opposed to history, beautiful brick buildings, horse carriages, and sweet old men wearing tricorne hats then you’ll be just fine.

Coat (Old Navy sold out! Similar here, here and here)/ Sweater/ Boots

We snagged THE very last open weekend we had between October-December, and declared it our Glackin Fall Family Vacation. And what else do you do when the leaves are colorful and Virginia is next door and The Graduate calls and says “come stay with us!” ?? You pack up, and head to Williamsburg. I’m telling you our history hearts could barely contain their excitement.

My whole family stayed in Colonial Williamsburg for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary for Thanksgiving, back when I was 15 and my Mom made bonnets and costumes for my baby sisters to run around in all week. Back when I had v thin eyebrows and loved flare jeans and Nick and Miley were dating. 2007, you know?

It’s one of my favorite memories though, so when I finally got to bring Christian it was like Christmas morning pulling up to the Governor’s Palace. There may or may not have been cheesy smiles on our faces the whole day (edit: there were definitely cheesy smiles on our faces the whole day).The air was crisp and magical, and we would have stayed for a week. I’m not exactly sure WHAT makes it so wonderful, but I’m telling you the real world has no chance of following you there. It’s time travel.

“This is the BEST,” C shouted to me over the sound of cannons. We casually ran alongside  soldiers marching down the street to piccolos and drums. Because that's what you do. I know. We’re fans. Big corny wearing-our-own-costumes-next-time fans.

Armored in Gratitude

Armored in Gratitude