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Belize, pt. 4

Belize, pt. 4


We spent our last morning riding around taking pictures in town. Stopping by the tortilla factory that smelled just as good as you hope it would. Fresh, hot, homemade tortillas. We munched on a few while we strolled through the town’s outdoor market, just trying to get in all the last minute fun things we could. There’s always something so hard about the last day of a trip, knowing the end is actually in sight and the goodbyes are coming and having to jump back into reality etc etc etccc.


We actually went back to Secret Beach for the afternoon because we just needed a few more hours of that crystal water. We had lunch on our floaties again and C and I took a walk along the shore to explore the small handful of other hang out spots nearby. Eventually the sun started to set so we reluctantly packed up, and after showering up we walked from my mom’s apartment to Pier 366, a restaurant on the beach, and had one of the best meals of the whole trip. The days go by slow and happy until all of the sudden it’s time to zip up the suitcases you know?!

In the morning we grabbed one more iced coffee before my mom hugged and waved us off on the ferry headed to the mainland. It was a long long long trip home. Not because travel was hard, mostly because flying AWAY from sunshine seems like a wrong kind of idea if you ask me LOL. But we’re just thankful for the whole thing. And I may or may not have spent the next day researching real estate in Hawaii. I meannnn you never know ;)

We had this really special experience of doing amazing, fun, adventurous things, but also getting to meet people and see how they actually do life. My mom lives right there in it, and there’s a lot of hard and a lot of poverty and a lot of brokenness. And these women that show up to the SHINE Belize programs wanting to learn and grow and provide for their families are really brave. Best of all, they are getting to hear the Gospel. The Lord is fighting for his daughters there every single day.

One of the days we popped into their artisan class to meet them, and I brought back a few bracelets with me. Sweet little turquoise beads with a “Job’s Tear” at the center. You should grab one for yourself and your mom and your friends:

Love you guys! Thanks for readingggg.


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