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Belize, pt. 3

Belize, pt. 3


“Wake up it’s your birthdayyyy!” I said to C the next morning. Our 4th day in Belize and my Mom had more adventures planned for us to celebrate. She thrives on the island in the work she’s doing but she also thrives as a personal tour guide tbh. (Love you mama I know you’re reading this, LOL). So going with the theme of the whole week really just being a big bucket-list kind of birthday, we walked to breakfast before catching a ferry ride to a smaller island about 30minutes away: Caye Caulker.

IMG_0583 2.JPG

We walked down the little and only main street and I took pictures of everything because We bought a fresh coconut to drink out of because it’s the marker of a really good vacation, you know? Tbh though I was not a big fan of the actual coconut water… but I reminded Christian of his need to enjoy it so he’ll be ok when he finally goes on Survivor one day and that’s all he’ll have to drink for a month. It was still better with a frozen mojito in it.

My mom’s Taxi guy, Merv, on the mainland who picked us up from the airport told us Caye Caulker was where he’d go if he just wanted a really chill day. Which is exactly what it was, island style. After the short walk down the street though C and I were struggling from the heat, so we headed straight for the water. And once we had something cool to drink we all sat down under an umbrella at the Lazy Lizard and played a couple hours worth of Monopoly Deal. YES. Monopoly Deal has made its way to Belize via our suitcases. Rowdy crowd.


We took naps in hammocks they had over the water and then made it to the evening ferry back to San Pedro, just in time to get dressed for a beautiful birthday dinner at Ramon’s Village. C Glack not sure how we’re supposed to top this birthday of yours?? Also, I love you. I know you’re reading this too ; )

The next day though also made our “If we could relive this day” list: sailing on a catamaran tour to snorkle and fish and eat. My mom’s two friends joined in to make it a possible adventure, and we had 3 locals manning the boat, one of which was catching fresh conch to make ceviche right there for us to eat for lunch. Along with his other seafood dishes he cooked up in the little kitchen below deck.


They took us out snorkeling to some of the most treasured spots in the ocean to see. And even though it freaks me out just a little bit to have sting rays and small sharks so.stinking.close you guys, it was amazing. And when the sun finally came out after lunch everything underwater sparkled. Like actually sparkled. You swim over coral that’s so delicate and intricate it looks like fabric, and you haveeee to just be in awe for a minute remembering that the Lord is the most creative. Wowow. We should have grabbed an underwater camera to take down with us, but I guess that’s a next time thing :)

They let C reel in a Baracuda that had been caught on their line, and he was on top of the world. And eventually we all laid in the sun for naps while we boated back to shore, my Spotify playlist still going strong and giving us the perfect island vibes over the speakers. A good for the soul happy sunshine kind of day.


I think I’ll be able to wrap up the trip in 1 more postttt, but really hoping you’re loving the overload with me haha!


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