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Belize, pt. 2

Belize, pt. 2


Every couple of days Christian wants to play the game, “Which day would you relive in Belize?” He’s good at reminiscing. And we usually both agree on our day at the not-so-secret “Secret Beach” making it high up on that list. We woke up early, Mama read her Bible while I used her little mirror corner to get ready, and then we all headed to one of her favorite breakfast spots. I made a Spotify playlist for the trip, of course, so we would play into the open air of the golf cart while she waved to friends as we drove by. We sat outside at Flight Cafe, with wi-fi, and iced coffee (the one thing I needed to ensure the island had, for future purposes you know?), and fresh chocolate croissants. I mean a happy day already.

Mama had a sewing class she was teaching that morning for the SHINE Belize ladies, so C and I ventured out alone on the golf cart for a few hours. We took some photos around town and then stopped at a fruit stand where the owner, Ms. Maria, offered us fresh bananas to munch on right as we walked up. Later we heard she was island famous for her fruit and juice, which to no surprise, seeing as we somehow walked away with homemade guacamole, plantain chips, a sliced pineapple, and a bundle of bananas she added on top. She’s welcoming and adorable, and she ushered us back to our golf cart laughing over a joke I couldn’t quite make out. But it had something to do with the double banana she handed saying “Next time I see you, twins!!” Neither of us touched that banana.


A few hours later, C and I were back seat riding with Mama and Dawna up front headed to the other side of the island for “Secret Beach.” We pulled up and they greeted us all with Rum Punch, and I took one look at that water and couldn’t stop smiling. We tied up floaties together to the edge of the volleyball net to float and soak and sip. Every so often the waiters would wade out to us in the water with fresh drinks and lunch, and Dawna even let us take their jet ski out for a ride. C and I kept looking at each other like, “Wait? This is real right??”

We shut the place down and waited to watch the sunset before heading back a little more salty and tan than before. Tired and happy, we picked up Chinese take-out on the way home and ate in our jammies on the couch while we watched The Final Table. And you guys know any day that ends with dinner in jammes and Netflix is a really happy day.


And just like that, so many words and so many photos again. I just couldn’t help myself you guys (!!!)


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