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Belize, pt. 1

Belize, pt. 1


Christian being in school means he still gets the luxury of a Spring Break, and my office is amazing and let me take a week off this year to join him. Which meant we finallyyyy had the chance to go visit my mom in Belize (!!!). She’s been living in Belize now for almost 2 years serving with a non-profit organization called Soul Tides - specifically with a program they have for teaching and empowering women to learn skills they can use to provide for themselves and their families. But take a look at SHINE Belize to get a better glimpse into some of the ways the Lord is moving there, because it’s really special.

The day of, C and I woke up around 3am and hopped on a few flights from Raleigh to Fort Lauderdale to Belize City. We landed to 80 degrees and a shining sun, and for us having been enduring the rain and dreariness of NC the last few months it was the happiest I’d been (Christian will attest to this, LOL). We had to take a tiny little plane for a 15minute flight over to the island where my mom is on - San Pedro - and decided we were basically on our own Bachelor date. I mean that blue water you guys!!

She picked us up in her very own golf cart and we held onto our luggage for the short drive to her side of the island where we stopped for some lunch and drinks at the cutest organic cafe called Cook, Inc. We were burning up so we changed in the bathroom out of our travel sweats and into shorts. Shorts! Praise. And sitting there in shorts with a glass of Savi B was probably all it really took for me to be ready to move there. Thx.


After seeing my mom’s sweet little apartment, we headed to the beach where C and I passed out for a bit since we hadn’t really slept the night before. We freshened up and headed to meet her friends at one of their favorite hangouts called The Truck Stop. Live music and food trucks and a movie playing all outside next to the water. Basically the dream spot you know? (We took a lot of videos this trip which we’re working on getting together and you’ll get to see all of these fun local places that I didn’t always snap photos of).

We slept like royalty in our room that night because we were exhaustedddd so nothing could keep us from a good sleep. Because of the time change we woke up at around 7am every morning, Mama had coffee for us and she and I would get ready while C went out for a run. Since our first full day was on a Sunday, we headed out to church (their morning service was for the kids) and met a bunch of my moms friends and got to hang out will all of these cuties. They asked me if Christian was my dad. I still die over it, LOL.


After we said goodbye to all our new little best friends, we drove over the bridge to the North side of the island for brunch at a secret gem called Marbucks (I know how cutie?!). A handful of rental cottages with a pool and an outdoor cafe just a block away from the water. My new dream is to come back and run Marbucks and the B&B. My mom is obviously on board with this ; )


We ended the afternoon at the home of my mom’s island bestie (Dawna, we love Dawna) to float on the pool, snack, and walk over to a rooftop restaurant for dinner and a sunset. Eventually I’ll compile all the “go-to” island places in one post, but we have so many photos and these are for the mems you guys.

Belize, pt. 2

Belize, pt. 2

3 Things I'm Loving

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