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Meet bartaco. It's our favorite spot. And when the weather warms up and the patio is open with their big garage doors open, beachy music playing and a fresh squeezed margarita on the way… done. We sit there and for an hour we’re on vacation. Our friends come to town, “Have we taken you to bartaco yet?!” The sun is out, “Should we go to bartaco or?” We need a snack, “I mean bartaco is right down the street…” This feels like a theme. Have I mentioned we are v big on celebrating anything/everything? You know this about us. And I think I’m in good company.

Ok, but let me get to the good stuff. What to order when you go:

  • Margaritas (usually they have a special new concoction on the menu, and you can even throw out an idea of things you like and they’ll try it. The best margarita’s in town for sure).

  • The Trio (guacamole and 2 kinds of salsa to start yourself off right).

  • Pork Belly Taco (WE ARE OBSESSED. Every time we come we get this. I like mine on lettuce rather than the corn tortilla, not to be healthy but because I literally just really like it lol).

  • Red Fish Taco (our second fave taco option).

  • Secret Taco (they always have some secret menu taco that is ALWAYS good and always worth trying, plus it’s fun).

  • Street Corn (any Mexican place that has street corn finds a fan in me).

  • See more good things from the menu here!

At this point I think there are only a few things left on the menu we haven’t tried. Ok really just their Churros, which I’m not sure how we’ve waited this long?! Don’t worry I’ll report back because I feel like a Churro review is big deal.

Until then, happy weekend! Cheers a marg for us tonight ;)


For A Gospel Purpose Marriage (Our 2-year Anniversary!!)

For A Gospel Purpose Marriage (Our 2-year Anniversary!!)

Biltmore Weekend

Biltmore Weekend