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Back at it.

Back at it.

DressShoes/ Clutch (old)

My friends!! It's been a few weeks and I've missed you. I've been working on redesigning and reformatting and swimming in branding and RSS coding over here, which is why it's been quiet on the homefront. But it's DONE. And I'm so thankful for a fresh little face lift up in here. 

So in my absence I decided a few things:

- I CAN enjoy the elliptical when I claim the newest equipment on the second floor with the nice TV screen that plays Modern Family and Friends reruns.

- Grocery shopping is more fun with C. Especially now that I've successfully turned him on to spinach AND kale AND turkey burgers. I mean hi, I've arrived.

- Birds are my new favorite animal print (note my current dress choice).

- Job searching is the worst kind of activity. Can I get an amen people?!

- I'm going to miss this white wall of mine. Situated perfectly downtown, two blocks from our apartment. I'll miss a lot of other things too, but this wall is there for me whatever day whatever time (but preferably around the 6pm sunset because lighting). 

It feels good to be back you guys.


Oxford, Mississippi

Oxford, Mississippi

When change is hard.

When change is hard.