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An "Ultimate Girl's Weekend" Guide

An "Ultimate Girl's Weekend" Guide

You know when you're little, and you dream about being old enough to drive? And then all the sudden you are. Then you dream about college… and then next thing you know you’re graduating. And then you dream about traveling to fun cities with your best friends, taking pictures, and shopping, and sipping on cute drinks in cafe’s. And then you do (!!!)

We laughed and we pinched ourselves because we still feel like we’re 16 most days. But there we were, walking through the streets of Georgetown arm in arm. All smiles. So here ya go.

An "Ultimate Girl’s Weekend" Guide:

Your fave girls. Once you graduate and everyone moves to different cities, it’s hard finding time/money to see each other. But nothing is more worth it than saving up for a visit. These are the memories you keep on purpose. And these are the girls you’ll actually still call when you get your dream job, or your heart is broken, or The Bachelor comes on and Prince Farming ends up being so lame.

Fun cities. Maybe it’s the city you’re already in, or maybe it’s the suburbs you’re missing and need to vaca to. But either way, meet up in the middle where there’s new adventures and new people. And new places to shop and eat and dance the night away.

Hotel rooms. Besides having your bests, this is my second favorite thing. There’s literally nothing like having a hotel room all to yourselves because for some reason you feel like the world is yours. We kept repeating “Omg it’s like we’re adults for real!” Right before we blasted Fifth Harmony so we could dance on the beds and attempt taking jumping pictures. But that’s neither here nor there. And if I actually knew what that saying meant I’d explain it to you.

Pampering please. Hair, nails, make-up. Whatever it is, it makes it feel like a vacation and for an hour you’re a celebrity with no money problems and your own glam team. And if you’ve never experienced The Drybar… go! I mean we’re all getting our hair washed next to each other knowing this is exactly what a girl’s weekend is supposed to feel like. Dreams.

Shopping. Of course. And when you’re in Georgetown on M St, it’s just perfection.

I mean Mary-Kate & Ashley traveled the world before they had permits and had the time of their lives Winning London ((if you get that, we’re soul sisters lol)). So you have to. You just have to. We live for the weekends, so make it worth it you know?

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