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A weekend at the Biltmore Estate, pt. 3

A weekend at the Biltmore Estate, pt. 3


On Saturday we woke up early, threw on our old tennies and headed down to the Outdoor Adventure Center. It was a foggy mountain morning and we had an Outrider USA Adventure tour scheduled, which is just as adventurous as it sounds and Christian was on cloud nine the entire time. We had a sweet little guide who went through a few minutes of training with us, and then guided us through the estate’s off-road trails and scenic West Side roads which we’d never gotten to explore before. The first few minutes I couldn’t stop laughing, probably to hide my nerves of going on this electric tricycle 20mph up a mountain. But my led-food caught up to me and eventually I was thriving right alongside the both of them.


We rode up to the vineyards and by Sporting Clays Club, and stopped along the way for little bits of history and stories about the estate. It was one of the most fun things we’ve done together in a long time, and when we pulled back in 2-hours later we were already planning how to bring our friends back to go Outriding with us. (It’s hard to explain how much fun, so go check out the videos of it all on my Insta-Stories Highlight ! ). We stopped for a casual lunch outside at Cedric’s Tavern before heading back up to our room to get ready for the day.


Christian worked out at the hotel gym while I got some editing done, and a few hours later we hopped onto the shuttle to start our Vine to Wine Tour & Tasting with Peter, a British tour guide and true wine guru. It was a rainy afternoon but we made our way up to the vineyards, tasting wines standing next to their particular grape vines, and then to the actual winery to see the wine process from start to finish. The last hour of the tour we sat at tables in this beautiful tucked away champagne cellar, and Peter walked us through cheese and chocolate wine pairings. Teaching us how to smell and how to taste in a way that brings a whole new experience to your meals. Christian and I agreed it was the best winery tour we’ve even been on, we couldn’t stop raving about it, and again, already planning when we can bring people back to do it all again with us. So good!

* an incredibly blurry photo with our wine hero *

* an incredibly blurry photo with our wine hero *

We ended the day watching the sunset on the terrace at The Inn, with some appetizers and champagne. One of our favorite spots on the entire estate. We had made dinner plans to go into Asheville, but the longer we sat there the more we realized we just didn’t want to leave. So instead we changed into our swimsuits and went outside for a nighttime hot tub dip, overlooking the misty mountains. And since we had canceled dinner, we opted for sharing late night burger and fries in our room before curling up to watch Downton Abbey, because of course. The dreamiest way to end our weekend really.


The next morning before checking out, we went back down to The Dining Room for their glorious buffet breakfast. We sat sipping our coffee until we realized we were the last ones there, and reluctantly decided it must be time. We signed the guest book and drove down to the house one more time before making the trip home to Chapel Hill. Thankfully we know we’ll go back soon, the only happy part about ending a perfect weekend like that :)


And now! Because we want you all to experience this place the way we have, here is our itinerary for you to get inspired (Biltmore also has a few great itineraries on their website here):

Travel Itinerary.png

We hope you love it all as much as we do, and if we don’t see you there, cheers to a beautiful visit!!


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I have been hosted by Biltmore for this post, but my opinions are my own.

the house as cure

the house as cure

A weekend at the Biltmore Estate, pt. 2

A weekend at the Biltmore Estate, pt. 2