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Two Fold Clothing Launch (and a waffle saga)

Two Fold Clothing Launch (and a waffle saga)

Saturday morning I'm still curled up in bed with my eye mask on, and I hear pots and pans banging in the kitchen. I smile to myself imagining the frantic cupboard search for the hand-mixer and its separate whisking parts. Is the spatula clean? I can't remember. He's told me he's making waffles.

Every few minutes I get a call from the kitchen, "What is baking powder again?!" "Will you text me the recipe?" "I can't find the baking powder!"

I stumble into the kitchen. Every measuring cup has managed to be used and a trail of milk leads the way to the chef's canvas. I can't find the baking powder either. Let's use baking soda I guess. He's full fledged into this scenario now. In the typical C-Glack fashion, on the phone encouraging one of his friends while he cracks the eggs, and shirtless because who has time to put a shirt on when waffles are the priority?? He burns the first one.

I was terribly wrong about the baking soda idea. It's not baking powder and the waffles know it. We taste tested them all, and straight into the trashcan they went. I dig out that pancake mix that we only used once, because it's organic buckwheat and it didn't actually taste any good even though I pretended it did because its organic. I'm supposed to be the healthy one around here after all. "We should have just gone to Chick-fil-A." We laugh. He was right.

So there it is, the waffle saga of 2017. But we're wiser because of it I think. I bought baking powder. _________________________________________________________________________

This dress is brought to you by Two Fold Clothing. A startup clothing line from one of my very own fellow Charlotte friends.

"TWO FOLD is a small batch clothing label made in Charlotte, North Carolina.

All of our clothing is made to order, created in house, and released in capsule collections twice a year opposed to the continual release cycle to ensure quality over quantity.

With each piece sold, we will give a portion of the profits to help sustain third-world communities struggling to survive."

Join the Kickstarter here.

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