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2016 Planning Sheets!

2016 Planning Sheets!


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  I love planning.  You guys know that. And so fittingly, the New Year is always one of my favorite times because I get to start fresh goals and dreams. I get to rethink what worked and what didn't. It's a re-fresh button, and I love all of it.

The last few years I created for myself an outline to intentionally organize my goals, prayers, and priorities. And I finally decided to make up a general set of planning sheets that we're pretty enough to share! And as a FREE DOWNLOAD for whoever wants them. You, your mom, or that friend you forgot to give a gift to for Christmas so you print this off and pretend you paid for it. It's fine.

There's no right or wrong way to use these, I just want them to help you focus on Jesus. Because Jesus has big things for you. But we can't know that unless we know Him. And we can't accept His grace if we don't surrender first. Let this be your first step.

So, I hope these planning sheets help spur you towards Him, and towards creating a purposeful year. It's going to be so worth it.

Happy planning friends! Tag me in your photos so I can see how you're using them : )


Download link: 2016 Planning Sheets

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My teeny little closet office, if you will.

My teeny little closet office, if you will.