Hey girl, hey!

I'm Camryn, and it's so good to "meet" you (!!!)


I'm a 26-year-old style lover currently living in Chapel Hill, NC. Working at UNC by day (mostly to pay for my Starbucks addiction, *grande iced 2 pump caramel macchiato with almond milk and an extra shot*) and blogging by night. Usually found lip-syncing to T-Swift in the bathroom mirror. Saved by grace, and living to love others for the sake of the Gospel. 



I grew up in Charlotte, NC with four sisters and an affinity for Disney Channel and ballet. My heart knew Jesus for as long as I can remember, thanks to my Mom, and in those late nights on the dorm room floors of Liberty University talking about the Gospel and sanctification and eternity, I knew Jesus deeper. And I knew He mattered more than this world believed. So in all of the things I love (note: coffee, kitchen dance parties, traveling, Gilmore Girls, writing, car concerts, Anthropologie, and eyebrow pencils) the greatest joy is in pointing it all back to what matters more: JESUS. Amen?! Amen.


Let's see... right after getting married we moved to Mississippi for a year for Christian to get his masters degree, then his dream came true of getting accepted into UNC Dental School (Go Heels! #imlearning). So now we're back in NC but in a new city: Chapel Hill. We're so thankful for the community we're building here and we get to continue to say "yes" to the Kingdom work the Lord gives. I work while he studies so we can eat and travel, and I keep blogging because that's my own little dream. And for the moment, that's about all the adventure we need.


He forgot my name, so he says. After meeting that day in September walking through the cement block hallways of our high school. He had on a football jersey and a smile that was supposed to make me fall for him. I was probably in American Eagle jeans because 2009. Christian has always been full of life, speaking a language of encouragement that's contagious. He loved me well, and eventually I let myself love him back. And then for 6 1/2 years we just kept choosing each other; through long distance, college, graduation, new jobs, new cities. Until a day full of grace when we finally got to say "I Do," while our friends sang words of truth over our covenant. My person forevs.

Now, let’s be friends already and plan our Taco Tuesdays.